Wednesday, October 3, 2018 / are terrible scamming websites

I purchased Cometchat plugin and its related APPs, SDK and Desktop Messenger after reading the instruction and description of its features, and my nightmare began. The plugin was not only failing to work properly, but caused the slowness of the whole site.  The chat could work only among the 4 sample users, and you could not add new users to a contact list. There are totally 38 warnings and errors with the Cometchat.

I contacted the support and the guy named Salam answered my ticket a couple weeks later promising to let their developers to fix it. They did nothing to solve the bugs during the whole licensed year, then they asked me for more money to extend the license and much more $$$ to move my self hosting to their cloud hosting. Yes, this terrible scamming group based in India just care about money only.

What is more that they never ever game the right APPs packaged, never ever game the active SDK and Desktop Messenger.

They ever did not fix the dozens of bugs, but refused to refund me. They overstated the features of the Cometchat features to induce customer to buy, and took the cash and left nothing working. Don't buy this terrible scamming plugin to avoid loss!!!

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